Les Halles redevelopment in Paris close to finish

An enormous redevelopment project in Les Halles, Paris, is soon to be unveiled. The site was once a market, home to a ‘masterpiece’ of mid 19th-century wrought iron pavilions, which were controversially bulldozed in the 1970s.

Construction work on Les Halles, Paris.

Construction work on Les Halles, Paris. Image by jean-louis Zimmermann / CC BY 2.0

The mega underground station that stands there now is to be completely reworked to include public gardens, a hiphop centre and arts conservatory, with an architecturally ambitious glass roof called ‘La Canopée’ to cover it. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has said she hopes it will become the “the beating heart” of the city centre when it opens in April. Read more: theguardian.co.uk

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