Leopard caught after running amok in Indian school

A leopard has run amok in a school in Bengaluru (Bangalore), injuring six people before it was tranquilised and safely moved to one of India’s national parks.

Leopard on the loose in Indian school.

Leopard on the loose in Indian school. Image by Phalinn Ooi / CC BY 2.0

Luckily, all injuries were minor and no children were hurt in the rampage. The six injured adults were all government conservation and forestry department officials, who were called in to remove the runaway feline. Video footage from the scene shows the leopard racing around the school swimming pool, attacking one worker after another in a desperate bid for freedom. Urban leopards are a growing problem in India; in recent years, dozens of leopards have been removed from homes and even hospitals in the heart of Indian towns.

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