Leonardo da Vinci’s vineyard recreated in Milan

A statue of Leonardo da Vinci, Milan.

A statue of Leonardo da Vinci, Milan. Image by Matthew Simpson / CC BY 2.0

Italian wine experts are attempting to recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s 500-year-old vineyard down to the last detail. Researchers excavated the plot where da Vinci’s vineyard once was, now part of the gardens of the the Casa degli Atellani grand palazzo in central Milan, and were delighted to find that a few vine roots had survived. Genetic testing revealed that the variety of vine once grown there was Malvasia di Candia, and vines of the same variety have now been replanted in the same location, with the intention of recreating the crisp white wine that da Vinci once enjoyed. The vineyard will be opened to the public in May, to coincide with the start of the food-themed Expo 2015 grand exhibition to be held in Milan this year. Read more: telegraph.co.uk

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