Las Vegas $12b transport plan to upgrade transit

The essential Las Vegas experience is driving down the Strip with the top down, but one day those neon lights and glittering signs might woosh pass the windows of a light rail train.

Las Vegas plan to get light rail.

Las Vegas plan to get light rail. Image by David Stanley / CC BY 2.0

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada unveiled an ambitious transportation plan that adds pedestrian bridges, builds more monorail stops and widens sidewalks to a city that has, over the years, become clogged with traffic congestion. The boldest part of the plan involves a light rail connecting the airport to downtown. The plan states that Las Vegas is increasingly competing with destinations that already have robust transportation services, including mass-transit connections between airports and city centres. With a $95 million tourism economy, the transportation infrastructure would be a worthy investment, according to the planners. Read more:

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