LA edges out Rio and Paris as most attractive city for dating

Los Angeles has upstaged many traditional romantic cities  by being named the world's most attractive city  for that 'some enchanted evening’ with your dream date.

Los Angeles, the most popular city to date in survey of 20 cities from around the world

Los Angeles, the most popular city for dating according to a survey of 20 cities from around the world. Image by Prayitno / Thank you for (6 millions +) views / CC BY 2.0

Americans were given 20 of the globe's most visited and romantic cities but LA won the most attractive date site with a vote of 37% - just edging out Rio de Janeiro, which was only a percentage point behind. Surprisingly Paris was a further two points back in third place while Miami was next, pipping Rome in the top five.

The noted that the two cities on the list at the other end of the spectrum were Seoul in South Korea and Hong Kong, while Istanbul – the city where east meets west – was also at the tail end in the popularity stakes.

Paris plans for future indoor ski resort. Image by Alfie Ianni / CC BY 2.0

Paris has the allure of most romantic city when it comes to popping the question. Image by Alfie Ianni / CC BY 2.0 Image by Alfie Ianni / CC BY 2.0

However, while dates are one thing, Paris still has that romantic allure when it comes to taking your partner away to pop the question.

The results showed that almost half of those who took part in the survey said that Paris was their dream destination, closely followed by Rome on 40% and Barcelona on 22%.

The availability of good dining out places was instanced as a important priority when choosing a weekend getaway in a relatively new romance, but good tourist attractions and a room with a good view were also high on the list.

One in four Americans would think about having their honeymoon at a theme park while 38% said they would be happy to date someone from a different nationality who spoke a different language.

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