Key West nails its colours to the mast with new pedestrian crossings

Key West Sunset Pier.

Key West Sunset Pier. Image by Per Salomonsson / CC BY-SA 2.0

Key West in Florida has always been a live-and-let-live kind of place and is proud of its thriving LGBT scene. Nailing its colours almost literally to the mast, the city has just installed four permanent rainbow pedestrian crossings in the heart of the entertainment district. ‘Key West is very happy to be putting in the first thermoplastic permanent rainbow crosswalks in the state of Florida,’ said Mayor Craig Cates, ‘Accepting diversity has been going on for generations in Key West, mainly starting back when Key West was an island with no access but boats," said Cates. ‘Everybody learned to live together, accept one another, so that has continued on through generations and is very evident today.’ The rainbow crossings opened to traffic on Thursday morning, but their official ribbon cutting debut will happen on the tenth of June, to kick off the city’s Pride celebrations. Read more:

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