Kamchatka becomes Russian surfing mecca

The Khalaktyrsky beach in Kamchatka  region in the Russian Far East is turning into a popular surfing destination as local surfers brave the waves both in summer and in winter in one of the coldest parts of Russia.

Off the coast of Kamchatka.

Off the coast of Kamchatka. Image by kuhnmi / CC BY 2.0

The local Snowave snowboarding and surfing school teaches surfing year-round, and in winter surfers wear  special diving suits, gloves and boots. Two years ago a team of surfing enthusiasts called Surf in Siberia produced a 15-minute video about surfing Kamchatka in winter, and since then the number of tourists has increased significantly. Volcanoes and wildlife are other top draws of this destination for adventure travellers. Read more: themoscowtimes.com 

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