Jubilee the Underground cat starts new life on the Isle of Wight

There are not too many cats named Jubilee but then there are few like this black feline who was discovered living all alone in the London Underground.

Jubilee the London Underground cat

Jubilee the London Underground cat. Image by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Tube staff ‘adopted’ Jubilee when they found her and cared for her for a while at Acton Town. After some time, the workers decided that it would be best if she was taken into care at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in Berkshire.

The animal charity were surprised to get a cat from the underground but were delighted when they found a new home for her – on the Isle of Wight.

Her new owner, Lisa Blackmoor, has a livery yard in Ryde and is thrilled with her new member at the yard. The BBC reports that Lisa is met by her new acquisition first every morning and she follows her while she does the work around the stables.

Already she has earned her corn by catching a number of mice and has become boss of  the three Jack Russell terriers in the yard.

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