This shelter dog was saved and now travels around the world

Jonathan Warren has the sort of Instagram account that can spark some serious wanderlust. His photos show him in spots like the Eiffel Tower and on the canals of Amsterdam – but it’s perhaps even more envy-inducing – and adorable  – that Jonathan is a chihuahua.

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Jonathan has even travelled to France. Image by jonathanwarrenofficial

But Jonathan the jet-setting pup hasn’t always had such a glamorous life - he was once set to be euthanized in an animal shelter.

Amanda Klecker, who lives in Manhattan with her husband Jeremy Simon, took Jonathan home and gave him the life of travel that is shown off on his Instagram account today. As an advocate of #adoptdontshop  – which encourages people to take home shelter animals – Amanda had been looking for a shelter dog to bring home. Amanda says that the day Jonathan was supposed to be put down, he was brought on a “rescue wagon” from a kill shelter in Georgia to one in Connecticut where he was more likely to be adopted. Amanda says she was looking for a pup that would fit her lifestyle, which meant one happy to live in an apartment in New York.

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Jonathan with his family, Jeremy and Amanda. Image by jonathanwarrenofficial

At the shelter, Jonathan was skinny and had a hard time keeping down food, but he was quickly put on a diet to help him gain weight.

After regaining his health, he’s gone on to be the travelling pup he is today. Amanda told Lonely Planet they started by taking him along on a short flight, which went well – now he’s visited eight countries and travelled around the US. “We gradually started taking him on longer flights and train rides, and realized that he just loved it. Travelling with your whole family can be such a fun and rewarding experience so we encourage people to also take their dogs with them, as long as both you and your dog are enjoying themselves and it’s safe. We only fly with Jonathan in cabin with us and would never put him in cargo”.

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Jonathan in Amsterdam. Image by jonathanwarrenofficial

She notes that air travel can be dangerous for some breeds of dogs with short snouts - something that has recently led to changes in airline policies, but Amanda says that cars and trains can still be a great way to go on vacation. It also requires researching laws about taking pets across borders.

When it comes to where to go with a dog, Amanda says that European cities like Amsterdam, Rome and Barcelona, are really dog-friendly. They have brought him to Paris twice in the last year: “not only is it beautiful but we cannot believe how dog-friendly this city is! (We) love seeing that dogs are openly welcome inside at restaurants”.

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Jonathan calls NYC home. Image by jonathanwarrenofficial

But not everything requires a long flight  – they love to visit new cities in the US, like Miami, Los Angeles, Nashville and New Orleans. While they find Europe to be dog-friendly, some spots in the US go all out, like the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. According to Amanda, “they always leave notes addressed to me and Jonathan in the room, and when we go to the pool deck they set up Jonathan with his own chair to sunbathe in – putting down a towel for him and bringing a bowl of water”.

Amanda says that Jonathan loves going anywhere with them. As soon as they get out their luggage he is sad until he sees his own bag come out and knows he is coming along.

Travel News - jonathanwarren_travel_rome1
Jonathan is travelling to spots like Rome with his family. Image by jonathanwarrenofficial

“Knowing that he was once destined to only see the inside of a cage before he was euthanized makes it all the more important for us to show him the world. We hope that sharing his adventures can help eliminate the negative stigma surrounding shelter animals and shed a positive light on adoptable pets”.

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