Jimi Hendrix’s London home to open as museum

Jimi Hendrix’s former flat in London will open as a museum on Wednesday. The guitar legend moved into 23 Brook St in the West End in 1968 and described it has his “first real home” – it’s also the only building in which he lived still standing.

Jimi Hendrix's bedroom.

Jimi Hendrix's bedroom. Image by Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The apartment neighbours the former home of composer George Frideric Handel, which opened as a museum in 2001 and used Hendrix’s rooms as an office. But visitor enthusiasm has encouraged the museum’s directors to open them up as a separate attraction. The flat includes Hendrix’s two telephones, his scallop shell ashtray and a copy of Highway 61 Revisited that’s stained with his blood after he cut his hand on a wine glass. The bed is meticulously neat – after his time in the army Hendrix folded his hippyish fabrics with hospital corners and squared up his cushions and pillows.

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