Japanese castle tower on the move in Hirosaki

The main tower of a castle in the northern Japan city of Hirosaki is being lifted and towed from its original location in an operation set to take two months.

Hirosaki castle.

Hirosaki castle. Image by Kuruman / CC BY 2.0

The moving operation is being carried out as part of a project to repair the stone walls of the tower, and involves lifting the whole 400-ton tower with jacks, then transporting it on rails to about 70m away. The move is set to be complete by late October, from when the repair work will begin. The tower won’t be returned to its original location until 2021. Local government hopes to attract visitors to watch the move, and a temporary viewing platform will be built for people to observe the repair work as it progresses. Read more: newsonjapan.com 

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