July 1 is Canada Day, so we're throwing maple leaves in the air and celebrating all things Canadian. Here are the five Canadian places we love the most.

Québec City- a rollicking, glorious blend of old Europe and new North America. Get a taste for it by trying these typical Québécois specialities.

Prince Edward Island - green fields, pretty farmhouses, seaside villages, red cliffs, great beaches…it's a buffet of beautiful landscapes.

Niagara Falls - yep, it might be an obvious choice, but the roar and the glory of it is still a sensory experience that will floor you. And hey, did you know there's also Niagara Peninsula Wine Country? Huh?

Vancouver - famously dubbed 'City of Glass' by Vancouver writer Douglas Coupland, this mountain-flanked metropolis does the indoors well (amazing restaurant scene) and the outdoors even better. You may as well celebrate Canada Day here, as Toronto had to cancel!

Banff and Jasper National Parks - Canada really knows how to turn the landscape stuff on. Get scenically overwhelmed by towering trees, mountains, glaciers and 'have they been photoshopped?' bright blue lakes.

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