Italian school bans high heels as earthquake precaution

Midriffs and low rise jeans were the usual fashion items schools battled against in the name of modesty. But now a school in Avezzano Italy is banning high heels.

A school in Italy is banning high heels

A school in Italy is banning high heels Image by Maegan Tintari / CC BY 2.0

Avezzano is in Abruzzo, the region struck by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that destroyed entire villages in 2009, killed 308 people, and has since been the subject of ongoing and controversial reconstruction. The principle of  the Istituto Tecnico Industriale di Avezzano told Italian news service Ansa that this was no puritanical measure, but one to safeguard against future disasters, particularly in an area such as Aquila that is vulnerable to seismic activity.

As part of the new rule high heels, platforms, and flipflops are banned from the school as they're deemed unsafe in the case of an emergency. The rule will apply students and staff.

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