Italian grannies visit the seaside for the first time thanks to crowdfunding

A group of elderly ladies (or funne) from the village of Daone in the mountains of northern Italy are currently on their first ever holiday to the Croatian island of Ugljan.

The town of Kukljica on the island of Ugljan,

The town of Kukljica on the island of Ugljan, Image by Miroslav Vajdic / CC BY-SA 2.0

The ladies, whose average age is 80, come from a traditional mountain culture where holidays were seen as frivolous, and many haven’t even been outside the valley, let alone seen the sea before. They tried various unsuccessful methods to raise the funds for their trip, including bake sales and a tongue-in-cheek calendar, and it was only when one of the ladies’ grandsons suggested crowdfunding via the internet that their long-held dream could become a reality. In just three days the ladies had all the money they needed from donors as far away as Australia. Now they’re looking forward to living out their dreams of paddling in the sea and dancing with Croatian men. Read more:

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