Italian ‘autonaut’ plans to circumnavigate the country on a floating car

Italian adventurer Marco Amoretti, who has already crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a floating car in 1999, is planning a new voyage - this time starting from Genoa in northwest Italy in August and sailing his converted Maserati all the way around the southern tip of the country and back up to Venice by May 2016.

Off the coast of Genoa.

Off the coast of Genoa. Image by Joseph Brent / CC BY-SA 2.0

According to Amoretti, ‘Making a car-boat is a simple process - just make the cabin water-tight by using welding, resin and expanding waterproof foam’. He is hoping to raise money and attention for a documentary about his 1999 Atlantic crossing, which took 119 days and was inspired by his father, who died of cancer before his son could complete his dream journey. Read more: 

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