‘Iron Duke’ descendant to re-enact Battle of Waterloo – 200 years on

An earl who is due to become the Duke of Wellington is hoping to follow in the footsteps of his famous ancestor at Waterloo – to celebrate the victory over Napoleon 200 years ago.

The Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington Image by Laurel L. Russwurm / CC BY 2.0

The Earl of Mornington, Arthur Wellesley, is a direct descendant of the early 19th century hero and is now next in line to become the tenth Duke of Wellington. He plans to become part of the major international commemorations in June by riding on the battlefield two centuries to the day after battle commenced.

The Daily Express reported that the Earl will follow the path of the Iron Duke and his horse, Copenhagen, for a few days before the re-enactment which is expected to involve some 6,000 participants from across Europe. The Earl, said that the battle of Waterloo was an amazing story involving triumph and tragedies of nations but it also displayed heroism and suffering of countless individuals. He said it was a story that needed to be retold and that was what the Waterloo 200 legacy had every intention of doing.

The battle in 1815 turned into a bloodbath with 47,000 soldiers being killed with 24,000 wounded. The Duke spent the whole battle mounted on Copenhagen and is said to have narrowly escaped death from French cannons and muskets.

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