Ireland third most expensive place in Europe for night out

It’s a case of dear old Ireland as the country was found to be the third most expensive place in which to have a night out, according to a new survey.

Eating out

Eating out Image by Alpha / CC BY 2.0

Only Luxembourg at €130.90 and Denmark at €116.96 cost more than Ireland’s €112, the consumer network, One Big Switch, has found. It includes the full costs of dinner, drinks, babysitting, transport and maybe a takeaway on the way home. This is due to the high-ranking the country has for a number of those night-out contributing factors. Ireland ranks eighth for public transport, fifth for the price of fast food and also fifth for a place to buy a drink out. It is also the fourth dearest place in Europe to find a babysitter with the cost put at €50 for 5 hours, the Irish Times reports.

The cheapest places in Europe to visit for a night out were Bulgaria, |Romania and the Czech Republic with the cost of a night out ranging from €24 to €30 in those places. “It’s no secret that Ireland has some of the highest prices in the EU but at the same time this study shows that a well deserved night out for many people is a costly luxury,” One Big Switch campaigns director Sarah Ryan said.


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