Iran plans new passenger air fleet following nuclear pact

Iran is planning to return to the international community once its nuclear accord is implemented by buying a new fleet of aircraft to replace its current ageing one.

Iran visitor numbers tripleArrests over Iranian World Cup video. Image by Marjolein Katsma / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Iran is ready to reconnect with the world by buying a new fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes  Image by Marjolein Katsma / CC BY-SA 2.0

The authorities have earmarked a number of Boeing and Airbus planes they will buy them on long-term payment agreements.

Planes re-routed to avoid military exercises along China's southern coast. Image by Frank Kovalchek / CC BY 2.0

Iran is to hire-purchase a new fleet when the 20-year international ban by the international community is lifted later this year. Image by Frank Kovalchek / CC BY 2.0 Image by Frank Kovalchek / CC BY 2.0

Middle East Online stated that the Iranian transport minister Abbas Akhoundi said up to now even getting spare parts was really difficult and he was looking forward to a new era in flying.

He stressed that although they planned to buy their passenger planes from the big two suppliers, the government would look to other models for shorter range flights.

Iran has suffered at the hands of a western embargo going back two decades which banned manufacturers from selling spare parts or equipment to any Iranian firms.

These restrictions have been partly waived now following the interim agreement last year. Under this accord, Iran can be supplied with spare parts but new craft are still banned.

During the summer final agreement was reached in Austria but it has not yet been implemented

Last month it was reported that the country would buy a third of the planes it needed to replace the 140 it currently has in its ageing fleet, a large number of which are in need of immediate replacement.

The Minister said a new company would be set up to lease or hire purchase the new craft from the world’s leading manufacturers.

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