iPads aim to banish boredom for passengers at New York airports


iPad Image by FHKE / CC BY 2.0

Travellers in New York and some other airports are being helped to beat boredom while waiting for flights - with iPads.

Up to now beleaguered passenger facing delays at airports has had little more than a distant TV screen as a distraction.

But some airports in the USA are backing a plan to change that, as they install iPads by the thousands so that travellers can browse the time away, reports the New York Times.

OTG, a company that designs, builds and operates airport dining outlets, has initially installed its iPads at gate areas and in restaurants at New York’s Kennedy International and La Guardia airports among others. And nearby Newark Airport’s Terminal C, when renovations are completed, will be by far the largest of these projects.

Two months ago OTG began installing 1,500 iPads in eating and waiting areas at Newark and in all it hoped to have 6,000 iPads in place by the middle of next year.

These will allow passengers to browse on-line and also check out the state of their flights. They will also be able to order refreshments or meals and, in the future, sundries like neck pillows.

According to the New York Times, the ultimate goal is to turn one of air travel’s most boring experiences – waiting for a flight, into something more stimulating.

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