Into the light: Dublin donor offers to pay for illumination of city's spire

Dublin’s Spire of Light – in the heart of the city – has had its tip plunged into darkness since last October. Something few locals or visitors to the main thoroughfare seem to have noticed.

The Dublin Spire of Light on O'Connell St.

The Dublin Spire of Light on O'Connell St. Image by William Murphy / CC BY 2.0

However an anonymous donor has now come forward with an offer to replace the broken light – at a cost estimated at €10,000. had reported that the big light on top of the O’Connell Street landmark was no longer working but now a local councillor, Noel Rock, says he has an, as yet unnamed company, willing to pay for the work.

With no light to warn aircraft, the City Council has notified the Irish Aviation Authority of the current situation. Most use of the airspace occurs through Garda helicopters which constantly fly over the area.

Originally, the council had asked designers to ensure that their concept of The Spire would build in both durability and brightness – enough for the structure to be seen from miles outside of the city.

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