Internet revolt prompts replacement of ugly fountain tap in Pompeii

A photo showing an ugly plastic-and-steel tap shoved into the mouth of a 2000-year-old fountain at Pompeii has caused outrage online.

The Fountain of Abundance at Pompeii.

The Fountain of Abundance at Pompeii. Image by Dennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0

The beautifully carved Fountain of Abundance provides water to thousands of visitors to the archaeological site each year. Protesters were unhappy that a more elegant brass tap had been replaced with a standard garden faucet. However, even when the architectural superintendent of Pompeii reverted back to the previous brass taps it didn’t please everyone, with one Facebook user saying, ‘It's still ugly!’, and calling for the fountain to be restored to its original state, with water flowing directly out of its mouth. Read more:

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