India's Jet Airways upgrades onboard streaming

Jet Airways travellers will be able stream videos, games, and music on their personal WiFi-enabled smartphones, tablets, and laptops beginning later this spring when the carrier debuts its improved in-flight wireless service.

Jet Airways to upgrade inflight entertainment.

Jet Airways to upgrade inflight entertainment. Image by Richard Moross / CC BY 2.0

Only content from the carrier’s audio/video library, however—not the entire Internet—will be available to travellers. The India-based carrier though did announce “plans to upgrade from a streaming service to a full broadband satellite connectivity in the future, (subject to regulatory approvals), allowing guests to enjoy services such as internet surfing, e-mail, social media, connecting flight information, instant messaging, real time travel services and destination deals.” Meanwhile, Jet Airways said its streaming service would be introduced beginning in the second quarter of 2016 on its Boeing 737 Next Generation aircrafts. Jet Airways serves 51 destinations in India and 22 more in other countries. The move is one of the latest in an industry-wide trend of improving in-flight entertainment options and Internet access. Earlier this year, American Airlines debuted expanded in-flight entertainment options on U.S. flights, while it’s in a dispute with Gogo over the in-flight Internet connectivity company’s spotty service.

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