Incredible images taken in the last month offer a glimpse into life in North Korea

These images taken in the last month purportedly show the reality of life in North Korea. The photographs, which offer a unique glimpse behind the veil, were taken on a trip to the country by web designer Reuben Teo (31) from Sarawak, Malaysia.

“Due to the clichés in my mind about the country, I was initially excited but terrified at the same time when I first arrived in North Korea,” he said. “As time passes and through more observations during the trip, I began to see that North Korea actually does have real life within their society. I also discovered that North Korea has been stuck in time, most notably in the 80s. It was like a living time capsule. They may not have the same standards of aesthetics as we have today but their interpretation of beauty was unique and utterly amazing. I saw beauty in their cities, their natural landscapes and in the people.”

The well travelled Malaysian used a Nikon D800 to take the photos, and believes his pictures show a different side to North Korea than how it is usually portrayed in the media. “During my trip, we were told not to shoot three things,” he explained.

“It was the military, military checkpoints and construction sites. As long as I followed these rules, no one stopped me from taking any photographs. I went as a traveller and wanted to experience it myself. However, after seeing it personally and looking back at the pictures I brought back, I thought that it was important for us to take a little step back and enjoy the beauty that has been hidden away from view by the mainstream media.

“I also thought that by sharing my stories and experiences with everyone would open a door for them to see North Korea in a different perspective. North Korea may not be ‘modern’ or ‘wealthy’ country by Western standards, but it is, in fact, unique in its own way, and the people are one of the friendliest I’ve ever met throughout my travels to many places.

“The country is also extremely clean and I can honestly tell you that it sits next just to Japan in terms of cleanliness.”

Incredible images taken in the last month offer a glimpse into life in North Korea

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