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Would you brave the cold to try yoga on ice in Sweden?

Hot yoga was a trend that was fast to explode all over the world. But will Sweden’s ice yoga be just as popular?

Rebecca practices her ice yoga.
Rebecca practices her ice yoga. Image by Active North

Yogi and founder of Active North, Rebecca Bjork, believes it could be what practitioners are looking for. 'My yoga classes outside is all about the nature, how your body feels in the cold while your are in movement and the sounds of silence', she told Lonely Planet.

The idea of yoga on the ice wasn’t entirely new to her. 'I do yoga everywhere, outside in the nature when I feel for it', she explained. Inspired by the incredible landscapes around her, she wondered would more people like to experience a very different type of yoga. 'I thought there might be some more people out there who would like to do yoga out here at the ice, in the snow where the views are still and amazing and the air is fresh.'

Participants will get up close and personal with the snow of Lapland.
Participants will get up close and personal with the snow of Lapland. Image by Active North

Participants can sign up to an Arctic Winter yoga retreat for a long weekend and experience yoga and meditation surrounded by the snow and silence of Swedish Lapland. As well as a couple of yoga and meditation sessions a day, participants can also try creating ice sculptures, go on a husky tour or snowshoeing expeditions or just relax with a traditional Swedish fika (coffee and pastries).

If the idea of yoga on the ice sounds tough, participants will be wrapped up warmly in a snowsuit before going outside. Day tours of five hour sessions are available to book, or there are three wellness retreat weekends scheduled for March and April this year.

Sub-zero or ice yoga isn’t an entirely new concept. In 2015, a skiing company attempted to introduce ‘ski-ram yoga’ as a way of warming up and acclimatising to the cold air before hitting the slopes.


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