London to New York in 58 minutes in hypersonic era

It’s speed like we never imagined. Experts are now moving on from the supersonic age to develop travel's hypersonic age.

Sypersonic flights would dramatically reduce length of airplane journeys

Sypersonic flights would dramatically reduce length of airplane journeys Image by epSos .de / CC BY 2.0

By flying at between two-and-a-half times the speed of sound - called Mach 2.5 which is 1,900 mph to Mach 5 - passengers in the future would be able to board a plane in London and land in New York some 58 minutes later, according to latest predictions.

The Daily Mirror also reports that hypersonic jets would reduce long-haul flight time to the Far East to three hours or less.

For over a decade, British company Reaction Engines has been testing hypersonic aircraft at speeds which are almost beyond our comprehension.

In the USA, Nasa has been looking at the next generation of passenger aircraft, trying to make it both safe and sleek to circumnavigate the current ban on supersonic flight across land.

Hypersonic tests have already been carried out with limited success by the Australian military. They managed to get take-of and flight speed of 5840kmph, but the craft broke on its way back to earth as it crash-laned only 10 minutes after its launch.

Aviation experts believe what they are considering is possible, but accept that delivering the technology is still a long way off.

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