Huge explosions devastate Chinese port city of Tianjin

Several huge explosions rocked the city of Tianjin  on Wednesday night after a hazardous goods warehouse caught fire.

Tianjin port.

Tianjin port. Image by Asian Development Bank / CC BY 2.0

Two blasts hit half an hour apart, causing widespread damage, including blown out windows and burnt vehicles. At least 44 people have been confirmed dead, including 12 firefighters, and a further 520 were injured, including 66 in critical condition. The blasts caused large-storey buildings to shake up to 4km away and registered as 2.3- and 2.9-magnitude earthquakes. The causes of the blasts have not yet been disclosed, but authorities believe the fire broke out in the offices of a logistics company near the city’s port, which is about 50km from the city centre. Tianjin, which is one of China’s major shipping centres, is located 140km southeast of Beijing. Read more:

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