Rainy day activity: how to make a reindeer Christmas card

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On 25 December, people all over the world celebrate Christmas with family and friends in many different ways. In the northern hemisphere, the picture of a traditional Christmas holiday is a white, snowy scene, where Father Christmas delivers presents to children with the help of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and friends! Follow the simple steps below to make your own sparkly reindeer Christmas card.

You will need:

  • White A4 paper/card
  • Pencil
  • Rubber/eraser
  • Grey/black, brown and red colouring pencils
  • Paintbrush
  • Black marker pen
  • Scissors
  • White/silver glitter paint

Step one

Gather your equipment!

reindeer Christmas card GIF 1

Step two

Fold the piece of card in half and press down on the crease.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 2

Step three

Start your reindeer by drawing two small circles next to one another and drawing a curved line through the circles for the head. Then, draw a larger circle further down the page for part of the body.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 3

Step four

Now link the circles with two sweeping lines to form the reindeer's body. Then add a little line on the bottom circle for the tail.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 4

Step five

Draw four legs for your reindeer. Then, fill in the hooves and the tail.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 5

Step six

Draw two eyes, making sure they're level using a straight line. Then draw in the outline for Rudolph's big red nose!

reindeer Christmas card GIF 6

Step seven

Add snowflakes to the sky and outline the ground beneath the reindeer's feet.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 7

Step eight

Using your black marker, go over the entire outline of the reindeer, the eyes and the nose, leaving the rest of the pencil lines out.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 8

Step nine

Rub out the rest of the pencil lines.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 9

Step ten

Colour Rudolph's fur in brown over his body, face, ears and tail.

reindeer Christmas card GIF 10

Step eleven

Colour Rudolph's antlers and hooves in grey, then colour his famous red nose in!

reindeer Christmas card GIF 11

reindeer Christmas card GIF 12

Step twelve

Add a final touch of glitter paint on the snow and anywhere else in the scene. Once it's dry, write a Christmas greeting on the inside. Your festive Christmas card is now ready to send to family or friends!

reindeer Christmas card GIF 13

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