Holly Jolly solstice

Only a couple of sleeps and it's Christmas. Time to fire up those chestnuts, glaze that turkey and concoct the new year's resolutions we'll be breaking in a month or two.

Every year our Women Travellers branch runs a Secret Santa (also known as Kris Kringle in other parts of the world). They started preparations in September, and now gifts are arriving in the post! Follow the whole journey here (and try not to be too jealous about how organised and clever they are).

Other members are chatting about what to get loved ones, marking the solstice around the world (the original Yule tradition) and marvelling at the record snowfalls (and the snowmen they can produce).

To all our members, readers and travellers, have a wonderful festive season wherever you are and whatever you get up to. We sincerely hope you’re not trapped in an airport somewhere (but if you are, maybe you’ll run into a fellow Thorn Tree member and you can commiserate together).

We'd love to hear how you're celebrating Christmas in your corner of the world. I'm having a cool, delicious seafood feast with my closet family members (it's expected to be a hot one here in Oz) then hoping to turn in for a siesta. What about you?

[Photo:  Flickr/ceanandjen]

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