Anyone for a holiday in safe, clean North Korea?

It won’t be the first place many people think of for a holiday, but one travel company sees the merit of offering North Korea as an alternative destination for the best beach holidays this summer. The sand is totally clean, you can leave your valuables unguarded and the pristine blue water is as inviting as it is pure.

The beach at Sijung Lake, North Korea.

The beach at Sijung Lake, North Korea. Image by Clay Gilliland / CC BY-SA 2.0

Holiday firm, Young Pioneer Tours (YPT), believes they have the week’s summer break of a lifetime just waiting for you in the Democratic Republic of Korea – and all for £865.

The MailOnline reports that the company’s boss Gareth Johnson says there is no need for potential holidaymakers to fear a stay in Kim Jong-un’s backyard. He said that because the country had strict laws and customs, it was completely safe – much safer than walking down the streets of London.

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