Hippos vs shark: video emerges of rare interaction in South Africa

Footage has emerged showing a bull shark swimming in the midst of a family of hippos in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, KwaZulu-Natal.

Hippos swimming in KwaZulu-Natal.

Hippos swimming in KwaZulu-Natal. Image by Steve Slater / CC BY 2.0

The video was captured by 30-year-old tour operator Stacey Farrell during a safari on the St Lucia Estuary. He noted that the shark was likely attracted to the pod due to the abundance of fish in the area – schools congregate around hippos because of them defecating in the water. The situation got more interesting when the shark – likely partially blinded by the murky water – bumped into a few of the hippos. Read more: news24.com

Watch the video here.

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