Cornwall: pilot lands plane safely after losing propellor in mid-air

It’s most people’s worst nightmare to see a propellor falls off your aircraft – especially when you are 2000ft up in the sky.

An Aeronca  light aircraft which lost a propellor was expertly landed by its pilot in Cornwall

An Aeronca light aircraft which lost a propellor was expertly landed by its pilot in Cornwall. Image by Philip Capper / CC BY 2.0

But it brought out the best in pilot Nick Chitterdon when his single-engine plane experienced the mid-air drama of suddenly being in charge of a disabled plane.

Showing remarkable poise and dexterity, Mr Chitterdon glided the Aeronca plane to the ground near the seaside resort of Polzeath in Cornwall, without any damage to the craft before then strolling into the nearby golf club bar nearby as if it was all part of a day’s work.

The Daily Telegraph reported that when the emergency services received a Mayday call from the pilot, they ordered the evacuation of Roserrow Golf and Country Club which has a landing strip that the pilot said he wanted to use.

The BBC quoted Mr Chitterdon as saying he heard “a loud bang” when the prop fell off and disappeared from his craft. He explained that he immediately switched the engine off and began gliding while looking for a place to land. He said he then remembered about the airstrip at the golf club and headed in that direction.

A police spokesman for Devon and Cornwall said the pilot was 'obviously very skilled.' He said members of the force had also located where the propellor had fallen – at a building site near Polzeath.

It is understood that the aviator had gone on an afternoon trip in the restored plane when the propellor suddenly snapped.

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