Irish farmer tackles 'disturbed' passenger on Heathrow-bound flight

An Irishman emerged as a hero following two emergency incidents on board a flight into Heathrow Airport from Hong Kong last weekend. The Limerick farmer was on the flight coming back from holidays when the incident took place a mere quarter of an hour into the 12-hour flight.

Dobrolet Airlines goes out of business. Image by fsse8info / CC BY-SA 2.0

Heroic passenger prevents air tragedy. Image by fsse8info / CC BY-SA 2.0

The unassuming hero, who asked not to be named, was forced to wrestle a disturbed passenger to the ground after the man had tried to break the seal on an emergency exit door. The Irishman told the Limerick Post that the agitated passenger had been uncooperative with the flight stewardesses and refused to sit down in his seat. He added that the man refused to put on his seatbelt when the signs came on and then attempted to open an emergency door. Other people came to the aid of the Irishman and staff helped restrain the man as well. “I've come up against bigger fellas during matches,” remarked the Kilcornan area resident.

The Examiner reports that following the restraining of the passenger, who was handcuffed to his seat, the flight continued to London. But within half an hour, the restrained man was back up out of his seat, causing further disturbances. With the aid of English and New Zealand passengers, the Irishman again helped move the man to the front of the airplane for the rest of the journey. A local Limerick councillor, Mr Emmett O’Brien commended the Limerick farmer, who he said he knew well, on his restraining part in the ‘air rage’ incident.

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