Hello Kitty restaurant set to serve cat-shaped dumplings in Hong Kong

Hello Kitty restaurant to open in Hong Kong.

Hello Kitty restaurant to open in Hong Kong. Image by Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0

The world’s first Hello Kitty-themed restaurant will soon open in Hong Kong, serving cat-shaped and bow tie-shaped dim sum. Though not the first Hello Kitty cafe in the world, Hello Kitty Hong Kong claims to be the first Chinese restaurant themed around the pink ribbon-wearing cartoon cat, who is believed to be more popular in Hong Kong than in her home country of Japan. The menu of the new restaurant, which is located in Kowloon, will include dim sum favourites like shrimp dumplings and barbecue pork buns, as well as other Chinese dishes like stir-fried noodles. The restaurant’s official launch is set for 1 June. Read more: time.com

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