Heat wave scorches from Arkansas to New York

From New York City to Arkansas, a punishing heat wave is causing havoc across much of the USA.

Heatwave in Bryant Park, New York.

Heatwave in Bryant Park, New York. Image by Laura Bittner / CC BY 2.0

Over 53 million people in the US were affected by a heat advisory on Monday and the weather looks likely to continue at least for a couple of days. In New York City, over 500 ‘cooling stations’ have been opened to combat the heat which is measuring an index of over 100 degrees. A heat index is a measure of how hot it feels when humidity is factored in. In Arkansas a heat index of 110 was recorded earlier this week. Officials across the region are urging people to keep hydrated, stay inside and to check on vulnerable people such as the elderly. Read more: usatoday.com

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