Haggis makers join Scottish government delegation on US trip

Haggis manufacturers are joining a Scottish government delegation on a trip to the United States in a bid to encourage the country to drop its ban on the iconic foodstuff.


Haggis. Image by Tess Watson / CC BY 2.0

Haggis is made from sheep’s heart, liver and lungs mixed with oatmeal and onions, and is traditionally wrapped in a sheep’s stomach. US authorities have banned the import of sheep’s lungs since 1971. With 9.2 million Americans claiming Scottish ancestry, the US is potentially a major market, and manufacturers are considering ‘tweaking’ the recipe for export. Earlier this year, Conservative peer Lord McColl of Dulwich urged the British government to ‘redouble’ its efforts to lift the ban, describing haggis as a ‘wholesome food’ that ‘satisfies hunger very much more than the junk food the Americans consume’. scotsman.com

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