Guatemala mudslide death toll rises to 161

Crews continue to work around the clock to find victims of Thursday’s mudslide that occurred El Cambray, a neighbourhood of the town of Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala, though hope for finding survivors is fading.

The remains for a 2011 mudslide in Guatemala.

The remains for a 2011 mudslide in Guatemala. Image by European Commission DG ECHO / CC BY-SA 2.0

Currently, 161 people have been confirmed dead, but at least 300 more individuals are still unaccounted for. Due to the location of the area at the base of a ravine, the rescue teams are descending 12m (39ft) through shafts to uncover the roofs of the buried homes, but these efforts continue to be hampered by the instability of the hillside on which the workers are digging. Two smaller landslides took place on Monday, and a nearby river has risen one metre(3ft) as rain continues to fall in the region. Read more:

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