Imagine the days of long-haul travel when you didn't have a zippy backpack or a phone card or a couch to crash on...these wild explorers knew nothing of such accepted luxuries. To mark the release of Great Journeys, here's a three-part series of great historical journeys, taken from Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences.

So pack your compass, shoe your donkey and step out onto the trails of these famous travellers.

Part one: Go around the world in 80 days with Jules Verne, rampage across Mongolia with Genghis Khan and trek the Muslim world with Ibn Battutah.

Part two: Take the 'Voyage of the Beagle' with Charles Darwin, decide whether Alexander the Great should be Alexander the Grotesque and see if you think Marco Polo was a fibber.

Part three: Get satirical with Evelyn Waugh, explore the Wild West with Lewis & Clark, and trek across the Australia with Burke and Wills.

Lonely Planet's Great Journeys presents more than 70 of the greatest journeys you could undertake, from ancient trails, like Machu Picchu, through to modern classics, like Route 66.

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