Google to create internet balloon ring around the world

Google's internet beaming balloons are ready to launch and move onto their next phase in Indonesia.

Google's superpressure internet-beaming balloons set to form ring around earth by 2016

Google's superpressure internet-beaming balloons set to form ring around earth by 2016 Image by Youtube / CC BY 2.0

Google believes it's on its way to having enough internet-beaming balloons in the stratosphere by 2016 that they will form a ring over part of the world.

Project Loon was first launched in 2013 when they released inflatable plastic balloons off the coast of New Zealand as part of Google's plan to bring internet with 3G speeds around the world using the superpressure helium balloons. When the plan was first launched the balloons lasted up to 10 days. Now some models last up to 187 days and can offer 4G speeds.

The balloons offer uninterrupted data coverage to those living beneath the balloon's pathway, meaning it could bring coverage to places that exist for the most part off-line. Sri Lanka along with Indonesia have signed up for a plan that would see them join as partners in this experiment.

The methods of using the balloons have been streamlined of late, with hopes that they may unveil it at some point in 2016. Mike Cassidy, vice president of Project Loon told the BBC: "We hope next year to build our first continuous ring around the world, and to have some sort of continuous coverage for certain regions."

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