Google Assistant will now tell you if your flight is delayed

One of the most annoying travel hiccups is arriving at the airport only to find that your flight has been delayed. But now, finding out if your flight is on time is as easy as asking your Google Assistant.

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Google will help you find out if your flight is delayed. Image by Mongkol Chuewong/Getty Images

Earlier this year, Google started sharing flight delay predictions when travellers search for their flight status. If the company is 85% confident the flight will be delayed, it will let you know - even before your airline will confirm it, according to Google. The predictions are based on historic flight status data combined with machine learning.

Now, the company’s voice-activated virtual assistant can also let you know if you can slow down and take your time on the way to the airport. Just in time for the holidays – and the incredibly busy airports that come with it – anyone with a Google Assistant can ask it things like “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” and get the up-to-date status on their flight. Since this is a busy time of the year for travellers, over the next few weeks, Google says the Assistant will proactively notify users on their phone if they predict there will be a delay – and the reason for the delay if Google knows what's causing it.

Should you have to deal with the annoyance of a holiday flight delay, there are some things you can do if it's serious. Earlier this year, the air passenger rights advocate AirHelp launched a new tool for travellers so they can check their eligibility for compensation from flight disruptions.