Global support to replace Celtic sea god stolen from Irish mountain

A Celtic sea god statute stolen from an Irish mountain-top  is to be replaced with a similar sculpture. Local councillors in Derry have given the green light to erect a similar structure to the six foot Manannán Mac Lir statue which was taken from Minevenagh Mountain beside Limavady in January.

View of Binevenagh mountain - Limavady

View of Binevenagh mountain - Limavady. Image by kanbron / CC BY 2.0

This sea god from Irish mythology had become an attraction for tourists in the area, BBC Northern Ireland reports. Police are still working on a number of theories, including a possible religious aspect, for the theft. The Chief Executive of the local borough council, Liam Flanigan, informed members that there had been letters of support from all over the world with people offering to help financially in commissioning a new sculpture. Mr Flanigan said he was heartened by the letters of support for the US, Canada and New Zealand among other countries calling for a new sculpture to be erected.

A fund for the new sculpture is being set which would allow members of the public to contribute towards the cost of the reinstatement. The previous artistic piece was created by John Sutton, who also worked for the Games of Thrones television series. He will be asked to sculpt a new version but “as similar as possible to the original.”

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