Italy: art gallery cleaners throw messy-looking exhibit in the bin

Overzealous cleaners at the Museion contemporary art gallery in Bolzano accidentally binned a messy-looking art installation that was intended to represent the political corruption and hedonism of the 1980s.

Museion Bolzano.

Museion Bolzano. Image by Jon Shave / CC BY 2.0

The blunder happened when the cleaners were tidying up after an event at the gallery. They mistook the artwork, which consisted of cigarette butts, empty bottles, confetti and discarded shoes, for the mess left over after the party and threw it all into bin bags, conscientiously dividing glass, paper and plastic into separate bags for recycling. Fortunately staff realised what had happened before the rubbish was collected and the museum’s curators plan to recreate the artwork just as it was using photos taken before it was tidied up. Read more:

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