Videos of the week: from a blogging cat to an 85-year-old snow angel!

Our videos of the week show a rescued  puppy share breakfast with her vet, as well as another fancy pooch that won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, in a pretty dog-friendly selection this week.

The vet eats with the traumatised dog he saved

The vet eats with the traumatised dog he saved Image by Dr Andy Mathis

A video of an abandoned pup saved by a vet in Elberton, Georgia, had been circulated around the internet after she was found in very bad condition and terrified of human beings. This video is an update on that story, showing Graycie having gained a substantial amount of weight after getting her appetite back and allowing her minder Dr Andy Mathis to sit with her and feed her. Heart-melter!

Watchvideo  here

Fort Lauderdale possible tornado

Fort Lauderdale possible tornado Image by Mark Michaud

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida there were strong winds and pelting rain that some supposed might be a surprise tornado. Gulf Coast states were hit with some very rough weather but communities are still unsure whether this was a tropical tornado or something else. Mark Michaud captured the weather in a short clip on Facebook.

Watch the video here.

85 year-old doing a snow-angel

85 year-old doing a snow angel Image by Sherry Proper Spangler

An adorable video went viral this week after it showed 85-year-old grandmother in Pennsylvania being lowered into the snow to make snow angels on her birthday! The video went viral and has now been viewed almost 2 million times on Facebook. Betty Ritchie realised she'd received fame when she was stopped in Walmart and asked: "Are you the snow angel lady?"

Watch the video here. 

The winners of the Westminister Dog Show

The winners of the Westminister Dog Show Image by Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show

CJ, a German shorthaired pointer, earlier this week on Tuesday won best do 'in show' at the 140th Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York. The competition sees 2751 dogs of 199 breeds and varieties compete for this top prize.  Apparently CJ's grandmother, Carlee, won Westminster best in show in 2005. That's family pedigree for you.

Watch the video here

Jesper the skijoring cat. Image by Screengrab via YouTube

Jesper the skijoring cat. Image by Screengrab via YouTube

Jesper the cat has his own blog and over 10,000 followers on Facebook, but his fame has gained even more momentum after a video of him pulling owner Aina Stormo along on her skis went viral. Stormo, from Hedmark in Norway, says Jesper enjoys hiking and swimming as well as skijoring, activities which are normally associated with dogs.

Watch the video here

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