French police issue gentle reminder of burqa ban

Police in the picturesque Annecy region of the French Alps have been issuing notices to tourists wearing burqas and niqabs as a reminder that this religious dress is illegal in France.

Annecy, France.

Annecy, France. Image by Daniel Jolivet / CC BY 2.0

Many tourists make the journey to Annecy from Switzerland where wearing a full-face veil is legal. Police commissioner Alain Favre said the move was centred around public safety and not ‘burqa hunting’. Those wearing a burqa could face a fine of €150, but officers in the region have been advised to inform and warn tourists of the laws rather than hand out fines. In the case where a burqa-clad tourist may need to be identified police have been advised to handle the matter privately and discreetly.  Read more:

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