French artists recreate ‘Sistine Chapel of prehistoric art’

A group of artists has completed a life-size replica of stone age cave paintings, a project which has taken three years.

Paintings in the Lascaux cave, France.

Paintings in the Lascaux cave, France. Image by Bayes Ahmed / CC BY 2.0

The paintings, from the Upper Paleolithic Period, were discovered in 1940 in southern France. Dubbed the ‘Sistine Chapel of prehistoric art,’ they depicted rhinos, horses, bison, deer and panthers. The site was closed to the public in 1963 due to fears that the exposure to humans would damage the art. Now the replicas are being transported one at a time to a site near the original in the Dordogne region, and will be put on display at the 150-meter-long and 9-meter-high International Center of Parital Art, to open at the end of the year. Read more:

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