Free Wi-Fi to be rolled out in Tangier's public parks

Tangier, Morocco.

Tangier, Morocco. Image by Peter Collins / CC BY-SA 2.0

Speaking at the 5th Regional Book Fair in Tangier  the city’s mayor, Fouad El-Omari, announced that come July, free Wi-Fi will be rolled out across the city’s public parks. A similar initiative introduced in Casablanca, which entitled the public to one-hours’ free Wi-Fi in the city’s outdoor spaces, was highly praised. For Fouad El-Omari the scheme represents a move towards a 21st century city development putting the people and integrity of Tangier first. From July residents and tourists will be able to connect to the internet via laptops, mobile devices and smartphones throughout Tangier's parks and, if it proves a success, it is reported that the scheme could be expanded to other areas of the city. Read more:

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