Franco’s Spanish fortress home could be seized for public visits

The impressive summer retreat of Spain’s former dictator Francisco Franco, which is still owned by his descendants, could be seized and opened to the public if the left-wing council of Galicia gets its way.

Pazo de Meirás, Spain.

Pazo de Meirás, Spain. Image by Mercedes Blanco / CC BY-SA 2.0

Each year the fortress-like house hosts a number of Franco’s relatives who still use Pazo de Meirás as a summer retreat, but Galicia’s left-wing mayor is adamant that the property should be permanently open to the public and free to access. The mansion has been designated a site of special cultural interest and two years ago the family lost a legal battle to keep the mansion private; it is currently open to the public four days a month but visits are managed by a private firm. Read more:

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