Flights from Bali airport cancelled as volcanic ash settles over air space

A volcanic ash cloud over Denpasar airport has caused the cancellation of all scheduled flights between Australia and Bali from this afternoon onwards.

Jetstar Airbus at Denpasar airport.

Jetstar Airbus at Denpasar airport. Image by Andrew Thomas / CC BY-SA 2.0

Volcanic eruptions from Mt Raung have caused major disruptions to flights in the last week. But as the ash cloud is now just 40km from the airport, concerns for safety have caused all flights to be cancelled going forward. There are hopes for Jetstar to implement extra flight services as the cloud disperses, said a spokesman for the company, and in the meantime Jetstar will provide options for passengers who wish to change their travel plans. Travellers flying Virgin have been urged to call 13 67 89 to amend their flight plans. Read more:

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