May the force be with you: Star Wars in rice paddies

Popular Star Wars characters have been brought to life on the rice paddies of Inakadate in the Aomori Prefecture.

A rice paddy field in Japan.

A rice paddy field in Japan. Image by Deborah Austin / CC BY 2.0

Made using seven different colours of rice from eleven varieties over a one hectare paddy, these two-dimensional renderings come as the world counts down to the latest release in the film series out this December. Village head Koyu Suzuki said he hoped the ‘works would attract attention.’ Local high school and nursery children helped to plant the seeds back in June, eleven year old Riku Saito who was among those helping to plant the seedlings said ‘I’m glad it turned out to be a beautiful picture’. The rice is due to be harvested in October. Read more:

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