Filling in visa forms no longer required at Cyprus border crossings

Cyprus border relaxes visa regulations.

Cyprus border relaxes visa regulations. Image by Leonid Mamchenkov / CC BY 2.0

Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders have resumed talks about the reunification of the island. One of the first steps agreed on is that it will no longer be required by the Turkish Cypriot side to fill in visa forms at border crossings. A day after this change was announced, Greek and Turkish Cypriots united to demand the opening of Famagusta’s Dherynia border crossing, which would reduce travel time and help improve relations between the two communities. It is also hoped that the opening of the border crossing would be a first step towards the resettlement of the ghost town of Varosha, which Greek Cypriots left in 1974 with the arrival of Turkish troops. Read more: and

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