Fares to rise next month on Seoul’s public transport

Ticket gate at Shinsol-dong station, Seoul.

Ticket gate at Shinsol-dong station, Seoul. Image by d'n'c / CC BY-SA 2.0

Bus and subway fares for Seoul’s public transport system are set to rise by up to 23% next month. The city council will choose one of two plans for a rise in fares presented by the metropolitan government. The most likely plan would see subway fares rise 23% to ₩1300 (US$1.20), while bus fares would go up 14.2% to ₩1200 (US$1.11). Passengers using the T-money transport card would continue to receive the 20% discount that is currently in place, and early-morning passengers would also receive this discount when travelling before 6:30am. Read more: english.chosun.com

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